Mitropoly's Residence

This construction was built in the nineteenth century, being the place where, in the past, the lords had their leisure.

By the marriage between Nicolae Roznovanu and princess Ioana Rosetti, descendent of prince Grigore Alexandru Ghica the 2nd, this mansion passed into the possession of Roznovanu family.

The rank of “metropolitan residence” was awarded after Iustin Moisescu was enthroned as Metropolitan of Moldavia in 1957. Between 1945-1958, the house was inhabited by Ioana Rosetti Roznovanu and Theodor Ghica. After 1958, Ioana Rosetti let the land on which was build the mansion and the adjacent buildings into the property of Bucium Hermitage.

After 1960, Justin Moisescu Metropolitan give to the building another look and in the spring of 2003,it has started renovation work, which was completed in 2004, being coordinated by the engineer Mircea Precupan. These works were carried out under the guidance of the Romanian Orthodox Church Patriarch Daniel, during that time being the Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina. Among the completed constructions, we remind: a garage, thermic stations room, two bathrooms, laundry room, a kitchen and 3 bedrooms in the attic and a small chapel. In the large rooms from downstairs and upstairs,on the porch and the stairs has been installed marble.The old porch was refurbished and the roof was plated with copper sheets.

The painting of the chapel was done by professor Buzuloiu, being finished on March 3, 2004.

This residence is home to three paintings made by the architect GM Cantacuzino, who lived in the Iasi city.

The sanctification took place on January 10, 2005 and the small chapel is dedicated to "Saint Antipas of Calapodeşti and Stefan cel Mare"





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