The Winestore


The existence of a winestore is mentioned since the foundation of this monastic complex. During World War II, this construction served as a bomb shelter for the monks.
         After 1960, several annexes were built, including two wineries and a hall for the ustensils necessary for making the wine. Near these wineries are being built a residential building, a distillery, wafery and a metal garage used as wine warehouse. The cellar’s sustaining columns were built after the warehouse was finished, to strengthen its construction. The construction was finished in 1968.
         Between 1995 – 1997, there’s been made refurbishing work to stop the water from rainfall to infiltrate into the walls.
          The destination of this wine storage is to keep liturgical wine in optimum conditions.
          This store is managed by Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bucovina trought father  Cleopa Bungeanu.




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