Monk cells

 Roznovanu II  house


This building dates, just like the Roznovanu Palace, the nineteenth  century. At that time, in this building was a kitchen and several guest-rooms and some rooms for the workers of the manorial domain.

This house is part of the donation made by  Rosetti Roznovanu, and is also known as the Guesthouse

In 1960, under Iustin Moisescu Metropolitan guidance, the building was refurbished, building toilets and enlarging the rooms which were converted into cells for the monks.

Between 1998 – 2005 the cells were reconditioned by: building a bathroom, repairing the facade, porch,painting the roof etc.



The Refectory


The building of the house starts in 1960, being designed by G.M. Cantacuzino, under Metropolitan Justin Moisescu guidance.

It includes the ground floor, basement and attic. Initially, the project included a floor, but ultimately the idea was abandoned because of the authorities.

The ground floor includes six cells for the monks, the abbey, dining room, the kitchen, the painting workshop and the basement includes the feastery, vegetables store and the  thermic station.

After a fire that took place in 2001, there’s been made major repairs, because the building was destroyed both internally and externally. Also, in 2001, a concrete road was made to facilitate the acces into the house during rain.







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