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In 1871, the Bucium Monastery church was built as a chapel and it was resanctified by Metropolitan of Moldova, Calinic Miclescu. Its size was much smaller than today, functioning as metohija, under the patronage of “Athon Saints”.

By the year 1937, the building’s roof was covered with tiles, when, under the guidance of the abbot of the Monastery at that time, Apostolache Hrisostom, was renovated, covering it with tin, as it is today.

In 1952 the reconstruction began, and the chapel became a small church. The bulk of the walls remained, and the architecture hasn’t changed significantly. In 1954 this new building is sanctified by Metropolitan Sebastian Rusan, and in 1955 the work was completed.

In 1964, Metropolitan Iustin Moisescu decides to do some changes to the church: lift the spire and the attic, demolish of  some stores, emplacement of the church steeple etc.

The church painting was done by painter Vasile Pascu, starting whe the renovation ended and finishing in 1966 . The resanctification takes place in 1967.

Today, the church has a trilobite cross shape, with rounded apses, with the vault supported on two arcades.The spire is octagonal shaped, lighted inside by four small windows.

The nave, narthex and church steeple are covered by a low semi-cylindrical vault.

In 1995, near the church is built a small shop where worship objects are sold, and in 2005 the church and annexes facades are being reconditioned.




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